from the editorial team

From the Editorial Team


It is with great pleasure that we present the second issue of the Journal of Classroom Research in Literacy.  From its inception, we have envisioned the JCRL as a window into Ontario classrooms; a place where members of the teaching community can share their professional experiences and knowledge and learn from each other.  We are committed to giving voice to educators whose wonderings, observations, and reflections have led them to actively investigate the literacy practices in their classrooms, because we believe it is this process of inquiry and action that defines what it is to teach. By providing a forum in which teachers and other educators can share their stories, ideas, and strategies in a current and relevant way, the JCRL aims to promote this spirit of inquiry and action, as well as a spirit of professional collaboration.


In this issue of the JCRL, we feature the research of two Grade Eight teachers, Rachel Grasby and Sandy Kerr, who create a climate of inquiry encouraging student choice in independent research projects.  Their observations and reflections, along with those of the students involved in the study, have several far-reaching implications, touching upon such important topics as student interest, motivation, and effort.  We also feature the research of three primary teachers, Farveh Ghafouri, Miri Knoll, and Christine Jackson, who explore how a multi-modal approach to literacy programming can enhance critical literacy practices in a Grade Three classroom.  Their work highlights the potential of “other” languages – those of movement, drama, and visual representation – in enabling young people to meaningfully explore issues of race and power in the literacy classroom.


With this second issue of the JCRL, we invite you to explore and reflect upon the insights, strategies, and critical reflections on literacy teaching presented by our contributors, and to contribute to the discussion by adding comments to articles that provoke your thinking.  We also invite you to give voice to your own experiences and ideas about teaching literacy by writing your own article for the JCRL.  Your teaching experience is important, and we hope that you will share it with your colleagues through this online forum. This journal allows you to take that next step and make your practice available to the world!


We sincerely thank you for your interest in the Journal of Classroom Research in Literacy, and hope the insights gained within contribute to your growth as a teacher, learner, and promoter of literacy!


Editorial Team

Editorial Team

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